Guy is only passenger on Delta flight

ASPEN, COLORADO — A passenger on a Delta flight had the time of his life when he turned out to be the only one riding on it.<br />Vincent Peone turned out to be the only passenger on a Delta flight from Aspen, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah, so naturally he took to Twitter to chronicle his good fortune. <br />According to Business Insider, his video starts out with him being the only person at the gate when boarding is announced for flight DL3652. <br />He then chats up the ground crew as he walks out to the Delta connection flight operated by SkyWest Airlines. <br />Vincent also filmed ramp workers loading sandbags into the aircraft cargo hold in order to give the plane enough weight since it wasn't carrying any passengers—well, besides Peone.<br />The flight attendant also welcomed him with his own personal message saying, 'Good evening, Vincent, and welcome aboard. We look forward to taking care of you today.' <br />The hilarious video ends with Vincent thanking the pilots and him posing by the airplane door like a true baller—on a budget. <br /><br />According to Business Insiders, flights like this don't normally get canceled because airlines need to get the plane and crew to the destination for later flights.<br />So next time if you have to ride Delta, make sure to ask them if you can be the only passenger.