ARYNews Headlines|Pakistan will be next target if Kashmir flag falls down| 4PM |14 August 2019

Pakistan celebrates Independence Day as ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’<br /><br />Pakistan will be next target if Kashmir flag falls down: AJK PM.<br /><br />PM Khan terms Modi’s move in occupied Kashmir ‘strategic blunder’<br /><br />Rojhan boat capsize: Divers retrieve another body from Indus River.<br /><br />Lodhi presents Qureshi’s letter to UNSC urging meeting on IoK.<br /><br />Indian troops fail to establish control over Kashmir: Rasheed.<br /><br />President Alvi approves to confer civil awards on 116 individuals.<br /><br />Karachi, other parts of country to receive rainfall from tomorrow.<br /><br />Pakistan seeks UNSC emergency session over Kashmir.<br /><br />‘We are for Kashmiris and they are for us’: President addresses on Independence Day.<br />