6th Person Dies From Vaping-Related Illness

6th Person Dies From <br />Vaping-Related Illness Kansas health authorities <br />confirmed the death of <br />the 50-year-old male. According to the Kansas State <br />Epidemiologist, the patient's <br />condition deteriorated rapidly <br />following hospitalization. Lee Norman, Kansas Department of Health and Environment, via 'USA Today' According to the Centers for <br />Disease Control (CDC), the number <br />of cases of suspicious lung illnesses <br />possibly due to vaping exceeds 450. The cases are spread <br />out across 33 states. Symptoms of the cases <br />include fever, shortness of breath, <br />diarrhea, vomiting and coughing. The CDC has confirmed that a <br />vitamin E acetate additive found in <br />some marijuana products is associated <br />with some — but not all — of the cases. The CDC recommends <br />that people avoid <br />e-cigarettes and vaping.