Hungry 'burger man' shoves protestors aside so he can feed

DENMARK — A Danish man was outraged when a group of what he calls, 'hippies' attempted to block him from buying a burger.<br /><br />According to the Metro, the group were 'Extinction Rebellion' protestors and were organized outside a Danish burger chain in Denmark protesting for climate change.<br /> <br />The man was determined to get purchase a burger and tells the activists that he'll 'run through' unless they moved.<br /><br />He then demands the demonstrators to, 'behave themselves' before squaring up to a beardy activist and branding them all, 'hippies!'<br /><br />The clip was uploaded to VidMax and has since gone viral on Twitter with over 11,000 likes.<br /><br />Climate Change protests are taking place internationally this week as part of a fortnight of Extinction Rebellion civil disobedience.<br /><br />Activists in Aarhus, the second-largest city in Denmark, are taking part in the protests, alongside countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Australia, India, and New Zealand.

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